1-on-1 Learning With Laptops

Grade Level: K-12
Subject(s): Reading, Math
Total Tutoring Hours: 17
Mode: One on One
Days of the Week: Everyday
Computer Provided: Yes
Internet Provided: Yes
Tutor Comes to Your Home: Yes
Bring Student to Library: Yes
Bring Student to Provider Facility: No
Tutoring at LAUSD School Site: No
Online Instruction: Yes
Max Enrollment: 40000
Contact: Dayana Quijada; se habla Español
Phone: 1 (877) 588-8677 ext. 396 (toll-free)
Experience: Qualified in-home; online curriculum
Effectiveness: 90% of students improved their test scores!
Staff: Bilingual/Spanish, teachers, college degrees
ID #: 105

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